New PSN Avatars Coming Soon [Update]

Written by Anthony sev1512-48
Just one of the many avatars coming to the PSN soon
Just one of the many avatars coming to the PSN soon

Yes you read that right, a much needed update to the PSN avatar selection is indeed coming soon.  Our inside sources have told us that we can expect new avatars for many SCEA titles in the coming months.

In fact we have already had some hints about this being dropped by SCEA’s Marketing Manager Mark Valledor, as well as an actual sneak peak of some upcoming Pain avatars.

In response to Don Pinguino (comment #27) on the PS.Blog, requesting some Sackboy avatars, Mark Valledor writes:

LOL…we’re actually working on that as we speak.

Our source also tells us we can expect some avatars for Resistance 2, Killzone 2, as well as other SCEA titles.

The PlayStation Network has been past due for some new avatars for over a year now, but ever since and the PS.Blog had the PSN portable ID’s implemented, the necessity of a larger variety of avatars has become much more apparent.  I for one am happy to know that there is a chance in the near future, that I might not see 1/4th of my friends list have the same avatar that I use.

Update: It appears that they spoke too soon.

I am very disappointed to tell you that our avatars won’t be coming until some time in the summer. Despite the fact that they’re already done and we have already submitted them, there’s a sort of freeze in place on new avatars going up. Best believe, though – we’ll be up on that piece as SOON as we are able.