God of War 2 Creator Working With Sony Again

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


Cory Balrog, God of War lead animator and God of War II director was interviewed by 1Up recently. It was a retrospective discussion of the God of War series. Before the interview wraps up the interviewer is trying to get some information on the Mad Max project he is working on. He gave no details, but did spill the beans on a project with Sony. All he would say is it’s something we are familiar with. More below.

Well, we’re kind of just moving forward with that stuff — not much to plug on it. There are some other projects, other gigs coming up. I’m doing some work for Sony. I’m not able to announce specifically what that is, but I’m working on a script for them, so that’s pretty sweet. I think it’ll be something that everyone’s fairly familiar with. That’s probably all I can say about it. [Laughs] You can make your speculations from there.