PlayStation Network Catches Spring Fever

Written by Anthony sev1512-48


We just received an official SCEA press release highlighting some of the upcoming PSN games coming this spring, among them is Flower which is releasing this week, and a favorite of ours Burn Zombie Burn.  Of course there are many more titles on the way, to see which games are part of the “Spring Fever” read the full press release below…

Official SCEA press release:

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) is kicking off the “PlayStation®Network Spring Fever” collection celebrating exceptional games and content releasing on PlayStation®Store leading into Spring. Pulling from a renowned list of first and third party developers, the PlayStation Network community will be able to enjoy games like Flower, Burn Zombie Burn, Noby Noby Boy, No Gravity and Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic and more on their PS3 and PSP. Flower starts the “PlayStation Network Spring Fever” collection with its launch on February 12 following genre defining games like PixelJunk Eden and flOw.With more than 164 games currently available for download, of which approximately 45 percent are exclusive in the US, the highly anticipated game lineup is sure to be a success. Beyond a plethora of hot games, the PlayStation Blog will feature a variety of developer posts and videos giving gamers a behind-the-scene look into the indie development scene and learn how PlayStation Network works with these developers to bring gamers the best original gaming experiences.
Players will find Flower and other “PlayStation Network Spring Fever” titles – launching weekly – as well as related trailers, developer blog posts, wallpapers and more in a dedicated “PSN Spring Fever” section on the PlayStation Store. Check back often as new titles are released along with additional content and media.
Gamers can expect to see these games blossom throughout “PlayStation Network Spring Fever” and many months to come:
  • Flower: The pioneers that brought you the award-winning PlayStation Network title flOw are back with another concept that challenges traditional gaming conventions. Playing as the wind, the player guides and grows a swarm of petals by interacting with other flowers and the surrounding environment.
  • Noby Noby Boy: Noby Noby Boy: From the creator of the critically-acclaimed Katamari Damacy comes a new generation of innovative, unique gameplay and distinctive visual styles. In Noby Noby Boy, players take control of a character named BOY and are tasked with moving, consuming and interacting with all that they see, stretching their bodies to ever-greater lengths.
  • No Gravity: A riveting 3D shooter for PlayStation Portable, No Gravity pits players against impossible odds as they complete a variety of missions set in space, including protecting allies, destroying enemy targets, navigating minefields and much more.
  • Wheel of Fortune: The popular television show re-imagined for the next-gen of entertainment, Wheel of Fortune is a casual game that captures the spirit of the classic game show, with high-definition graphics and online gameplay.
  • Burn Zombie Burn: Taking the best of classic, high-score focused arcade games and adding an unhealthy layer of B-movie horror polish, Burn Zombie Burn is a hilarious arcade-style shooter with zombie hordes and plenty of fire. The more zombies you set on fire, the higher your score multiplier and greater the challenge. With two player support, six arenas and multiple zombie types to face, Burn Zombie Burn promises endless hours of challenginggame play.
  • Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic: A fast-paced combat game with an imaginative look and feel, Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic focuses on fun with exaggerated ragdoll physics action and charming HD visual effects. Featuring accessible and intuitive controls, even novice players can orchestrate impressive attacks with ninja-like precision.
  • The Punisher: No Mercy: Designed with fast-paced, online multiplayer in mind, No Mercy utilizes the power of Unreal Engine 3 to give gamers the ultimate, arena-based first person shooter experience. Rooted in the Punisher’s rich comic book history, No Mercy will please comic book and action game fans alike.
  • In addition to these titles, PlayStation Network will also be launching Bomberman Ultra, Celfactor Ignition, Flock, Texas Cheat-em,  Diner Dash, Comet Crash, Hammer Fall, Underfire,Watchmen,Worms, Zen Pimball and many more during this timeframe.
  • Plus all the existing blockbuster, exclusive titles already on PlayStation Network such as Crash Commando, Savage Moon, Echochrome, Pixel Junk Eden, PAIN, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty and more!