Dante’s Inferno Sneak Peak by PSM3

Written by Richard richardallenavatar1


PSM3 had an exclusive first look at Dante’s Inferno. A bit more information has been revealed.  The games developers have described this foray into hades as Kratos, meets Dead Space in Hell.  The game’s artist is Wayne Barlow, who has has done a series of paintings on Hell and Dante’s poem.   More information below.

  • The game runs at a solid 60FPS and is brought to life by the excellent animations of its enemies and protagonist.
  • Dante Aligheri, the Florentine poet of whom the game is based upon, has been turned into a “muscular six foot knight with magic powers” to suit the tone of the game. Dante is fighting his way through Hell to save his lost love Beatrice, who has been murdered and wrongly sent to the underworld.
  • One of the first boss encounters takes place in “Limbo”, an area of lost souls who are agonisingly close to God but can never reach Him due to a life of non-believing. It’s here that Dante fights Death himself and steals his magical scythe before plunging into the underworld.
  • The game shares the exact same control scheme as God Of War. Even down to Circle being used to open chests.
  • The games artist Wayne Barlowe was chosen because of his work on Barlowe’s Inferno, a collection of images based on Dante’s poem.
  • Structurally, the game is designed to take the player through the nine circles of Hell. The first circle, Limbo, is where you will encounter Death and moving through the world areas get more horrific. Circle 5, “The Wrathful”, is where violent people are forced to endlessly fight each other. The game will culminate in Circle 9, presumably with a massive boss fight against Beelzebub himself.

[Source via PushSquare]