Hideo Kojima to get Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC 09

Written by Michael michael48


Hideo Kojima is about to join the likes of Sid Meier, Shigeru Miyamoto, Richard Garriott, and Will Wright as Lifetime Achievement holders.  Not only is Hideo Kojima going to deliver a keynote at this year’s GDC, he will also be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The GDC Event Director, Meggan Scavio, had this to say about the induction of Hideo Kojima,

“For years, Hideo Kojima’s contributions to game development have broken new ground and inspired the community to think about creating games in never-before-imagined ways,” said Meggan Scavio, event director of GDC.

From giving birth to the stealth action game genre to showing game makers how to interact with their players by breaking the ‘fourth wall,’ Kojima’s achievements make him an obvious choice for an award.”

I think Hideo Kojima whole heartedly deserves this award, he has been one of the biggest Directors and Producers in the gaming industry for a long time.