Resistance 2 Game Night Tonight

Written by Adam 22610wolf1


Just a reminder that the Resistance 2 game night is tonight. Should be a ton of fun, those of you that were there last time would agree.

I will get a party started at 7pm eastern and send invites as each of you log on. No time is set on when it will end, so everyone on the west coast be sure to check in as well. For those of you not on my friends list you can add my PSN ID: wolfehound22. This will make it a lot easier to get everyone together.

We will be switching between co-op and competitive, but once we get over 8 people it will be strictly competitive. Depending on the turnout we may be able to get one of the other authors to start up a party as well, so we can still play some co-op. All of this will be settled tonight.

Hope to see you all out there for one last fight against the chimera.