Upcoming Skate 2 DLC information leaked

Written by stalkingsilence stalkingsilence-48
EA continues their support of Skate 2 through more DLC
EA continues their support of Skate 2 through more DLC

For those keeping an eye out for Skate 2 DLC, we saw Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza pack released recently to the PlayStation Store.  Based on the smooth flow of DLC for the well-received title (we rated it 4 out of 5), it’s safe to say everyone knew more DLC was on the way.  The only question was – when?

Now, thanks to the Hong Kong PlayStation Store team’s proclivity for releasing information early – we know when that DLC is being released (in HK at least).  Since the DLC is in English for Hong Kong, we could see it hitting here in North America at the same time as well.  So, we’ll add it to our weekly rumors!  One of the packs was offered as part of a limited pre-order special, but we don’t really know much about the pricing [Update: San Van Classic Pack will cost $4.99 USD].  Here is more info about the packs:

Skate 2 : San Van Classic Pack [February 27, 2009]


Skate the Community Center, Elementary School and Parkade locations from the original skate, but freshened up with skate 2 style!

Skate 2 : Throwback Pack [March 6, 2009]


Unlock the retro gear and celebrate the past with some short shorts, knee high socks, tie dyed shirts and crazy sunglasses.  While you’re at it, play some air guitar and throw out the peace signs with our classic gestures.

Remember: If you don’t want to pay for DLC, you can always download our PlayStation LifeStyle custom graphic to use on your skateboard.  That’s kind of DLC, right? Well – it is free.