Sony Is Seeking Synergy

Written by Azariah chrisrahosiris-48


The current economic woes that the world is enduring has caused several companies to fold in the recent months. Other companies have decided to make some changes in order to better deal with these awful times. Sony is doing the latter. The company is creating 2 new divisions that will better allow the company to manage its various businesses. The one that is of greatest interest to us is the one that Kaz Hirai is heading up. This division will manage Vaio PCs and the PlayStation brand.  Maybe the PS4 will be a computer after all?

The hopes behind these moves are new opportunities for synergy within the company. The better use of resources will certainly save Sony a pretty penny. Hopefully there will be the expansion of experiences across the various platforms that Sony has to offer. I’m sure someone that owns a Vaio wouldn’t mind a bit of PlayStation flavor along with it. Hopefully several of the divisions that were unable to work together peacefully in the past will come together and give us an experience like none other.


[Source via Edge]