C&C Red Alert 3 is Hotter on PS3

cnc-redalert3-gemmaatkinsonIt appears the delay in getting Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to the PS3 has paid off.  The console will be receiving the “Ultimate Edition”, and being ultimate does have its privileges. This Ultimate Edition comes with all the content from the PC Premier Edition. Expect to see behind-the-scenes videos, blooper reels, soundtracks, etc. Also included is the unit profile, a video series that articulates all units and their abilities, as well as a few more skirmish maps.

Greg Kasavin, the game’s producer, had some interesting tidbits about the graphical prowess he revealed to 1UP recently.

Kasavin noted that the development suspension was due to the engineers decision to focus on getting the PC and 360 versions done and out the door (since they share such similar architecture). Once shipped, they then started examining, and then working on, the PS3 devkits until they were satisfied with the finished product. One interesting result is that the PS3 version technically looks better than the 360 version: Kasavin pointed out that the water effects, the general color palette, and even the general unit aesthetics, are more polished in comparison. To prove his point, he loaded up a scenario involving a Japanese secret weapon, which looked suitably awesome on a nice big HDTV.