Silver PS3 On Its Way Stateside?

April 13, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


According to a Gamestop employee, they recently had to replace the price sticker tag on DualShock 3 controllers so they now read “PlayStation 3 Dualshock BLACK”.  This piqued his curiosity enough to look at his upcoming shipments, which led him to a listing that confirmed Gamestop would indeed be getting a “PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 SILVER” sometime in the month of June.

With E3 being June 2-4th, and being the best venue for announcements, the next logical thought would be that SCEA will be announcing a Silver PS3 to it’s lineup.  This would make sense since at the moment Silver Dualshock 3 controllers are only available in Asia, where a Silver PS3 is already available.  There is also a White PS3, and White Dualshock 3 released in Asia as well.  But since there isn’t a listing in Gamestop for a “PlayStation 3 Dualshock WHITE” the speculation stops at the Silver model.

If you don’t feel like waiting until June, below are some links to import a Silver or White Dualshock 3.  These imported Dualshock controllers are confirmed to work with North American PS3’s as I own White and Silver controllers myself.

Silver Dualshock 3

White Dualshock 3