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Battlefield 1943 Invades Wake Island this June [Update]

April 30, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


A recent Twitter from OfficialBF1943, who happens to Gordon Van Dyke, the producer on Battlefield 1943, revealed that something is on the way, and it isn’t a beta:

“I hate to tease you guys… who am I kidding, I love teasing you guys! In around a month something new will be revealed! BETA = Wrong Guess!”

Turns out it is the upcoming Battlefield, coming this June according to the PS Blog (Update: they Tweeted explaining “This [PS.Blog post] is not the ‘Something New’ tease.”  So we can still expect something new in a month).  They claim it will be a Battlefield like never before.

“This downloadable title for the PSN will take you back to the WWII Pacific Theater in a way never before seen, this June on the PLAYSTATION 3 for only $15!”