New Battlefield 6 Leaks Reveal Almost The Entire Unreleased Trailer

New footage has appeared for the upcoming Battlefield 6, in another series of leaks that show practically the entire unreleased trailer for the game. The footage was leaked via Reddit, and coupled with previous leaks gives us a good look into what to expect for the upcoming first-person shooter.

Industry insider Tom Henderson has also corroborated the leaks, stating that they now show “80% or so of that trailer.” While the footage seems to be only a cinematic and does not show any actual gameplay footage, it does line up with Henderson’s previous leaks of the game. Some of the more notable things seen are a new island area, a changing weather system, a crash-landing VTOL helicopter, and an exploding rocket. The latter in particular confirms that the game will have a modern-futuristic setting a la Battlefield 4.

Previously, Henderson has also mentioned that the game may include “completely destructible buildings”, as well as information on the game’s planned Battle Pass system, and even a battle royale mode in the works. This also lines up with official announcements by the game’s developer DICE, in which it restated the importance of “vehicles and destruction in the environment” and how new modes “are going to be added to the game experience…in service of this ability.”

The source of the leak itself is currently unknown, and the leaked footage has a watermark that was added likely to protect the identity of the insider. You can check out the leaked footage in its entirety in gif form, as well as through an imgur album that breaks down the leak frame by frame.

Electronic Arts has already teased the reveal date of Battlefield 6, with the official Battlefield Twitter account hinting at something in June. While we still don’t know exactly when in June this reveal will be—or even if it will be fully revealed at that time—we do know that E3 will be held at roughly the same timeframe, opening for the public on June 12, 2021. Whether or not this will be an actual reveal, or reveal date announcement, or anything else, is yet to be determined, but we can expect big things from Battlefield soon.

[Source: Dualshockers, Reddit]