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Battlefield 6 June Reveal Being Teased by EA

Just how “soon” is “soon?” It might be as soon as June. It might be as soon as June that things go boom, so make room for a Battlefield 6 reveal sometime next month. After lots of teases, speculation, rumors, and reports, EA is finally giving us a more firm outline on when we can expect to get a peak at the next Battlefield game.

The tweet comes after promises that the next Battlefield, widely believed to be Battlefield 6, would be revealed “soon” back in April. Rumors began swirling of an early May reveal, which obviously hasn’t yet happened. Still, fans have been holding out hope for a surprise reveal any day now. The tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account seems to confirm that Battlefield fans can rest for a few more weeks, and the definition of “soon” was not as brief as many would have liked. “Words that rhyme with Soon: June. Boom.” Ignoring the dubious nature of that last rhyme, the tweet appears to be telling fans to hold tight until next month, when it’s expected we’ll hear more about the game.

The next Battlefield is said to go bigger than ever before, with plenty of moments described as “only in Battlefield.” Some reports indicate that the game will be set in a near future setting, and feature robots and drones. It’s also expected to do some things to compete with the other first-person military shooter behemoth, Call of Duty, including massively multiplayer battle royale modes, a battle pass, and free-to-play elementsBattlefield V is currently free on PlayStation Plus for subscribers.

At this point we don’t know exactly when in June the Battlefield 6 reveal might take place, but expect it around the middle of the month along with E3 2021 and other summer events. EA so far hasn’t joined the E3 festivities this year, expected to hold its own EA Play Live event adjacent to the show again. More information should come as we get closer to the reveal, but for the rest of this month, it’s not likely that we’ll get too much more in the way of big information about the game.