PS3 To Finally Get Love From Bethesda?

May 2, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


We will simply classify this as a rumor for now, but it is still interesting none the less. A lot of PS3 owners have been complaining about the lack of DLC for one of the best games of the year, Fallout 3. Well, it turns out that we might finally be getting some Bethesda love.

According to the deal, which expires on May 5th, Bethesda was to release 3 DLC packs to both the PC and the 360 exclusively. But supposedly there are many retail sites that have a bundled DLC content available for pre-order. It seems to be titled Fallout 3 Expansion Pack: Broken Steel & Point Look.

The “Point Look” pack would mark the 4th DLC available for purchase for Fallout 3. When Shacknews asked the top dog at Bethesda, Peter Hines, about the 4th DLC pack he had this to say:

We have said there will be three DLCs for Fallout 3, for PC and 360… Beyond that we have no announced plans for additional DLC.