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Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron Announced for PSP

May 26, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron has been officially announced, coming this fall on the PlayStation Portable platform (also coming to Nintendo DS). In the game, you’ll be playing as X2, a clone trooper cloned from a Jedi Master.

The game will feature “multi-level battlefronts”, which means the player will be able to travel on land, or even to into the depths of space. In the PSP version, the player will be allowed to “personalize and build their character with more weapons and items than ever before”.

Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron will also feature a 16-player multiplayer, with “in-depth stat tracking”. It looks as though PSP will be adding another title to it’s already full list of games, coming this fall. Stay tuned for more on the new Battlefront game.