EA Sports Making Significant Progress


There are several upcoming titles in the EA Sports lineup that will finally implement many of the things that gamers have been looking for.

The fact that they are allowing users to finally have full access to their teams, regardless if they’re using a PC or a console, shows how respectful and open EA is to the needs of their customers. This feature will be shown in this year’s version of Madden. Users will be able to fully control their franchises over the internet on their PCs. This is accessible when doing a franchise online. This isn’t the only title getting the new features treatment either, as NCAA Football 10 will be getting the long awaited fully customizable team feature.

This can also be done via the EA Sports website. Typically when it comes to using the create-a-team feature, logos are predefinined within the limits of the game. But this incredible new feature allows users to upload any photo and use it as their team logo. The combinations are endless with the jersey options, stadium features, player creations, etc.

These are just some of the features that have been brought to light for this year’s releases. There is no telling what else is in store for the fans. What would you like to personally see in the upcoming titles?