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EA Joins In On Racing Game Trash Talk

"Completely underwhelming" - EA Senior VP

It seems a lot of developers behind upcoming racing games are all hot-headed these days. First, Che Chou of Turn 10 Studios called Gran Turismo 5 stagnant. Then, Che tried to bribe people with in-game cars for Forza 2 if they voted in a CNET poll (which GT5 promptly won!). Now EA is joining in on the shenanigans.


Patrick Soderlund, Senior Vice President for EA Games Europe, had a few things to say about various racing games that were shown at E3:

Let me tell you this. I think Split/Second looks great. I’m going to have a good time playing that. Blur to me is completely underwhelming. I don’t understand what’s up with that game to be honest…Forza, I’m very confident we have a better game [Need for Speed Shift] than them to be honest. Talking to the press, looking at the nominations, that’s clear. So, I’m glad that they’re confident but I’m as confident as they are.

It’s interesting that Mr. Soderlund didn’t even mention Gran Turismo 5 in these comparisons. What’s your take on all of this? No matter what the outcome, one thing’s for sure – it is going to be a great year for the racing enthusiast!