THQ Becomes Divided, Stronger


The “new THQ” (as said by Senior VP of Creative Development Danny Bilson recently), will be splitting into three distinct divisions.

The three divisions: Core, Family, and Online, will each focus on their own brand. The divisions will also be receiving their own executive vice president, THQ CEO Brian Farrell has reported.

These divisions will be taking a new approach to how they work as well. Should one division slowly fall apart, the company as a whole will be protected against any financial shortcomings. As Farrell puts it:

“The new structure specifically aligns our primary business units with our product strategy, enabling each team to focus on planning and execution in highly defined product areas with full profit and loss responsibility.”

PlayStation LifeStyle promises to keep up on these new divisions THQ has come up with. After all, THQ as of late is not doing so hot, and this intelligent move may allow the company to get back in the game.