Sony Unaffected by June NPD Numbers


Sony’s Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media for SCEA, has responded to the June NPD that released earlier tonight. In his response, he claims that, “PlayStation is delivering an unmatched caliber of content for the back half of the year” and he is confident that the PlayStation brand is, “on pace for another tremendous year”.

“Coming out of E3, there’s no doubt PlayStation is delivering an unmatched caliber of content for the back half of the year.

With positive momentum of PS3 hardware over the past two months, and continued enthusiasm for breakout exclusive games like inFAMOUS, we’re on pace for another tremendous year across our platforms.

We’re remaining focused on providing great entertainment to consumers and are confident in delivering again on that promise this year.”

inFamous managed to sell 192k copies, only a month after its release, while Fight Night Round 4 sold a respectable 210k copies in only a week of recorded sales.


On the hardware side, the PS3 sold 167k consoles, while the PSP and the PS2 sold 163k and 152k, respectively. The 167k sold represents a 59% drop over last June’s numbers. However, many critics fail to realize that the phenomenal Metal Gear Solid 4 release last June, bringing with it a plethora of new PS3 owners.

Compared with last month’s numbers, which represented the month of May, the PSP sold 63,100 more units this month, while the PS3 and PS2, respectively, sold 33,700 consoles and 35,700 consoles more this month.