PS Plus Extra Leaving June 2023

Little Nightmares Reportedly Leaving PS Plus Extra in June

PS Plus Extra and Premium are being updated on June 20 with the month’s new arrivals. A host of games are also leaving the service the day before, as was already confirmed. However, it seems like one more title has been silently added to that list.

Little Nightmares appears to be leaving PS Plus Extra in June 2023

Little Nightmares Reportedly Leaving PS Plus Extra in June

According to TrueTrophies, Little Nightmares is the unlisted game leaving PlayStation Plus Extra on June 19. The outlet noted that it found out about this departure by pulling data from PSN. It’s still not listed in the outgoing games, but the alleged removal date can be seen when going to the PlayStation Plus section of the dashboard and scrolling to the title.

It currently says the game can only be streamed until June 19 at 10 a.m. when hovering over the “Stream” button. Going to the “Play Game” button has no such disclaimer, but games that have been previously redeemed don’t have that warning there. Little Nightmares was also offered in August 2022 as a part of PlayStation Plus Essential, so many that see just the yellow text only on the “Stream” button likely redeemed it then.

With Little Nightmares seemingly joining that roster of departures, here is the full list of games leaving PS Plus Extra and Premium next week:

  • 9 Monkeys of Shaolin
  • Agents of Mayhem
  • Ash of Gods: Redemption
  • Black Mirror
  • Defense Grid 2
  • Descenders
  • Fire Pro Wrestling World (Europe and Australia only)
  • Gods Will Fall
  • Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf
  • John Wick Hex
  • KeyWe
  • Little Nightmares
  • NSR: No Straight Roads: Encore Edition
  • Party Hard
  • Redeemer
  • Wytchwood
  • Red Faction
  • Red Faction II

It appears as though 25 games are coming to PS Plus Extra next week alongside another three games for PS Plus Premium, including the leaked Herc’s Adventures. However, that list does include Coded Soul, which was previously only released on PSP in Japan and is believed to be an erroneous inclusion (which these official updates often have). The PlayStation U.K. Twitter account deleted the tweet mentioning the game, while the PlayStation Blog added it after, so its fate is currently unclear.

The PS4 version of WWE 2K23 is also getting a PS Plus Premium trial on June 20. Players should receive a code for custom avatars on that same day that commemorate some of the games included on PS Plus. This code should arrive by email but will also be available through the PS Plus website.