Sony’s ToS Warning Hits Home


An important announcement from Home Manager, CydoniaX, has been issued against users of Home regarding the social platform’s terms of service. Many participants have been requesting personal information from their fellow Home users in exchange for rare items. And while it seems harmless enough at face value, CydoniaX has strong words for those participate in this behavior.

“Dear PlayStation Home Community Members:

As many of you are already aware, there are members of our community who are requesting your PSN identification and password to grant select items in Home.

We would like to remind you that the Home staff will never ask you for your password, or any other personal information in Home.  The members of the community doing so are participating in activities that violate our terms of service.  This is wrong, illegal, and most definitely NOT OK, and we will be handling these offenses accordingly.

Please be assured that we know who has done what.  We know that many of you who participated in this are also some of our most dedicated and enthusiastic Home users and might not have been fully aware of the ramifications of your actions.  That said, appropriate actions will be taken against individuals violating our terms of use.”


CydoniaX was also quick to emphasize the reason this behavior is being cracked down upon and closely scrutinized, and it doesn’t have to do with content sharing so much as exploitation of personal information and PSN accounts.

“…giving out your account information is never a good idea. This is a consistent reminder about best practices for protecting the security of your PSN account.

I am referring to specific actions taken by specific individuals recently that involve granting items to people by using their account info. I am not talking about gamesharing.”