Guerilla Games Leaving Behind Killzone 2


In a recent blog post on the official European PlayStation Blog, Guerilla Game’s producer Seb Downie, stated that after the release of the third map pack for Killzone 2, his studio is going to “take a step back from Killzone 2”.

“Right now we’re going to take a step back from Killzone 2,” said Downie. “We’ve been working non-stop since the disc version was released on patches, DLC and updates, so need some time to reflect on what is actually out there.”

Whether this means that the studio is done working on new content for Killzone 2 for just the time being, or that they are beginning to work on their next game, has yet to be seen. But with the release of Killzone 2 five months ago, and considering how much of the game has been improved through the constant updates, the time seems right for Guerilla to get cracking on the next installment.

Their third map pack, Napalm & Cordite, is releasing today on the PSN Store. For fans of the game who have not gotten any map packs yet, Sony is releasing a Map Pack Bundle, which (you guessed it) features all three map packs. The price of this bundle will be $11.99.


Thanks skullking123!