PS3 Review – Killzone 2: Flash & Thunder Map Pack


The second downloadable map pack for Killzone 2 was released amidst a lot of hype, as gamers anticipated the release of two remade maps from the original Killzone title. Southern Hills and Beachhead were both maps from Killzone on PS2, and Guerrilla Games was bold enough to have them “reworked and re-imagined” for the PS3. And wow, did they do a fantastic job.

Beachhead is what you can expect from the title. It’s necessarily a beach, with lots of sand, and plenty of rain blowing about. While particularly this map isn’t the favorite out of the two, it adds something new to Killzone 2. The rain is a cool visual nuance that changes the typical color scheme of the game from the usual red dust, brown dust, gray dust, and so on. The map is the perfect size as well; big enough to support large scale battles, but small enough to make sure skirmishes between friends and foes are constant. However, the lighting can be a problem, as sometimes it isn’t even possible to see an enemy. The only way you can spot them at time is when your crosshairs turn red. This is due to the dark lighting, as well as the constant barrage of rain.


Southern Hills is by far one of the best Killzone 2 maps in the game. This map introduces the first environmental interaction within the DLC, with a nuclear bomb going off every once and a while. It’s definitely fun to see players scatter to cover, or stand by to watch the bomb, as it goes off and lights the screen with a yellow and orange tint. Unlike Beachead, this map is a bright, sandy enviroment, that makes it easy to see enemies. Like the map before it, Southern Hills has well-placed turrets, and overall is a well-designed map. Multiple buildings (with multiple levels) are perfect for snipers.

Overall, Killzone 2’s “Flash & Thunder” is the best Killzone 2 map-pack yet. The pack features two fantastic maps, with different environmental elements we have not yet seen in the game’s multiplayer levels. Both of the maps are incredibly designed, and executed very well.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Both maps are amazing, nostalgic additions to Killzone 2.

Lighting is a bit too dark at Beachhead, but the rain and overall design are killer.

The new environmental elements add even more fun to the already fantastic Killzone 2 multiplayer.

9 out of 10