Burn Zombie Burn! Receives Feature-Packed Patch


Last month, we revealed that doublesix Games, the developers behind the PSN title Burn Zombie Burn!, were set to release a new patch adding hot new features to the beat-’em-up. More specifically, the new patch was said to add YouTube\ recording and uploading, as well as the ability to use custom soundtracks.

This new patch, releasing today, not only adds these new features and fixes leaderboard bugs, but also includes a brand-new teaser trailer for the next addition to Burn Zombie  Burn!, the first expansion pack titled Burn Zombie Burn!: In Space.

With the support doublesix is giving to players today, we can easily hope that the next expansion pack will innovate with new gameplay features as well. Make sure to stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your news on Burn Zombie Burn!