Ghostbusters Patch Falls Short of High Definition


Just days ago, Terminal Reality issued a patch for the PS3 version of Ghostbusters. This patch was to fix a number of problems within the game. The gimped PS3 visuals was supposed to be addressed, but still lack the HD punch of the Xbox 360 version.

The patch eliminated of a large amount of bugs, localization issues, game freezes, plus audio/subtitles sync problems. The press release for this patch also stated that the game had received “an increase in resolution to match that of Xbox 360”.

Thanks to Digital Foundry’s expert pixel-counter, MazingerDUDE, the internet has found out if Ghostbusters PS3 is really up to match the Xbox 360 version. MazingerDUDE revealed that at launch, the PS3 version had a native resolution of 960×540. However, the Xbox 360 was at 1280×720, and much better looking than it’s PS3 counterpart.

The patch did increase the quality of the title, and made it look better. The resolution is now at 1024×576, which is still far from the Xbox 360 version. Both versions of the title still have screen-tearing, and a lot of dropped frames, which the patch did not fix. Those awful textures you saw in the PS3 version of the game are still there.