Uncharted 2 To Host Handful of Treasure

September 12, 2009Written by Jonathan Leack


A few months back, thousands of players across the world were able to join and play the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves closed beta. The multi-player portion of the beta was fantastic, and even featured a full leveling system. However, many users wondered if the leveling system was just there to show off, or if there were going to be unlockables.

A few sites have been given access to a very exclusive closed beta for the past few days, and so far the feedback has been immensely positive. The interesting thing is that in a recent write-up, IGN reported the following:

“A final feather in the demo’s cap is that it’s going to have the fully fleshed-out money/store system so that you can take the cash you’re earning in multiplayer and buy new skins, boosters, co-op weapon upgrades and taunts.”

What this means is that through leveling up during co-operative play and multi-player, players are able to unlock a wide variety of goodies. New skins and boosters might sound standard in a AAA online title, but co-operative weapon upgrades and taunts sounds like icing on the cake. Couple that together with a fully driven single-player experience and an unprecedented replay system, and you have yourself quite possibly one of the best pound-for-pound games to date.

The Uncharted 2 closed beta will be available to GameStop pre-orders on September 15th, and the open beta will be available on September 29th.