Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition Packs a Plenty for $70

Demons Souls Dragon

Demon’s Souls the an action RPG developed by From Software and soon to be published by Atlus.  Alongside the retail game launch a Deluxe Edition will be available, priced around $70.  Atlus has revealed the details for this special edition that should have any RPG fan salivating.


Demon’s Souls is an Action RPG is being developed exclusively for the PS3. It is scheduled to be released  on October 6th. Pre-orders are available now from the following vendors: Amazon, GameStop, EB Games, Game Crazy,,, Play n Trade and Video Games Plus.

Players assume the role of a faceless hero who is fighting to save his  kingdom.  Customizations will feature the hero’s name, gender, hair style and other characteristics.  Demons Souls offers a unique three player online co-op system. Players can invite their friends to join their game in “soul form” and fight alongside them.

Does this look like a Special Edition you are likely to pick up?