Final Fantasy XIII Trophies Exposed

December 16, 2009Written by Zak Islam


With the release of FFXIII nearing its release, it’s not surprising that a lucky few have already got their hands on a copy of the RPG. Due to this, it was foreseen that the FFXIII trophy list would be revealed. Final Fantasy XIII is due for release in 2 days, but only for Japan. Everyone else will have to eagerly anticipate the release date of March 9th.

According to this report, the Final Fantasy 13 trophy list consists of 28 total trophies. 6 bronze, 3 silver, 2 gold, 1 Platinum and 16 secret trophies.

Bronze Trophies (6):

  • Assault Ruby – Master the Attacker Role
  • Destruction Sapphire – Master the Blaster Role
  • Guardian Topaz – Master the Defender Role
  • Hex Jade – Master the Jammer Role
  • Inspiration Amethyst – Master the Enhancer Role
  • Healing Emerald – Master the Healer Role

Silver Trophies (3):

  • Limit Breaker – Deal over 100,000 damage to an enemy
  • Behemoth Hunter – Slay a wandering behemoth
  • Perfect Diamond – Learn all abilities to the fullest

Gold Trophies (2):

  • Collector of All Things – Collect all weapons and accessories
  • The All Knowing Sage – Gain the complete knowledge of 100 different enemies

Secret Platinum Trophy:

  • Achieve all trophies

It is surprising that a RPG has a limited number of trophies compared to most retail games, overall this means the secret trophies will likely be several Gold and Silver trophies. It’s unlikely that will deter anyone from the amazing experience which Final Fantasy XIII will surely deliver.