Sony Reveals Blockbuster Q1 LineUp

Sony have confirmed its strong looking Q1 line-up and it contains 3 AAA exclusives. Most of them being fan favorites including the almighty God Of War. Sony’s Q1 line up is sure to send gamers to the poor house as Q1 will prove to be an expensive time for any PS3 owner who wants to pick up these must-have titles.

Sony Q1’s line up confirms the following exclusives: God Of War, Heavy Rain and MAG. The titles are scheduled for a release within the next 3 months. Although God Of War III and Heavy Rain have not been given an exact specific release dates, MAG has, the exclusive will be shooting its way in to a January 29th launch.

PS3 owners have a lot to look forward to, with a 256 only battlefield on the horizon and Kratos to unleash its fury in March, 2010 is looking good for gamers. Start saving!