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PlayStation Used in Drug Smuggling Attempt

Have you ever wondered what whiskey, rum, cheese, chocolate, and a PlayStation all have in common? Yeah, neither have we. But apparently, the Italians are way ahead of the curve here as they somehow managed to utilize such “devices” to aid in their drug trafficking shenanigans.

The story goes that cinque (that’s “five” according to Google Translate) “international couriers” were arrested at an airport in the Italian province of Fiumicino for allegedly trying to smuggle in ten kilos of drugs from producing countries presumably in South America. While intercepting illegal narcotics imports is a feat in itself, the real award goes to the two Argentinians who stashed their precious cargo in the control panel of a PlayStation that was addressed to their nieces. The console itself seemed “perfectly functional” and even succeeded in cloaking the drugs from X-rays. However, it was only after authorities were able to tear apart the system that the drugs were discovered. It’s unclear as to which model PlayStation was used in this operation, but if we were the betting type, we’d say it was an old PS2 they used to train with Smuggler’s Run.