Project Needlemouse is Strictly Hedgehog Only

Project Needlemouse is the codename for the upcoming, 2D Sonic game, which was announced in September of 2009. The game is targeted to release sometime this year. The project represents Sega trying to bring the Sonic franchise back to its roots. Over the past week, Sega has been counting down to when they would reveal what characters will make an appearance in the game. The list has just been posted.

Sega revealed on their official blog today that Sonic will be the only character in the game. The other characters will not even make an appearance in the game. This means no Tails, no Rose, and no Chip. Here is a quote from the blog:

In Project Needlemouse, there will be no new characters – playable or otherwise. The focus will remain solely on one blue hedgehog.

The blog also contains some concept art for one of the enemies in the game.

In addition, we’re pleased to also present the first piece of Project Needlemouse Concept Art as a bonus – a special thank you to everyone who took the goals we’d set and then raised the bar even higher!

This art reveals an enemy from the game – but at the same time, it also reveals much more about the spirit, and direction, that Project Needlemouse is taking. For all of you older fans who were stoked by the news above, this should be the icing on the cake.

This should be great news for anyone who was a fan of the old 2D Sonic games on the Sega Genesis. Hopefully, Sega will continue to release more images of cartoony, robot creatures.