Yakuza 3 To Put a Hit on the UK This March

After Yakuza 3‘s dominance in Japan with over half a million copies sold, it was no surprise when SEGA announced the exclusive for the West. The open-world gangster title has received a date for when it will claim the UK as its turf.

In a month already enlightened by great games, SEGA has confirmed that the eagerly anticipated Yakuza 3 will make its entrance into the UK on March 12. The third installment in the series will feature full English subtitling rather than English voice actors.

Sega Europe’s Gary Knight explains how popular the title turned out to become:

Yakuza 3 was one of the most requested titles for localisation by our European SEGA community, so we are delighted to be able to fulfil their wishes with this announcement. As well as delving even further into the rich narrative of the Yakuza universe.

Knight commented on how the PS3 has helped to produce a “beautiful” game:

The development team have pushed the PlayStation 3 hardware to the limits to produce a beautiful and startlingly realistic depiction of the Japanese underworld.

Some new screenshots have also been released including the official EU box art–check them out below:

Yakuza 3 will release worldwide in March, while Japan receive the sequel of the fighter on March 18, 2010.