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You Can Create Your Own Custom Hero in Sonic Forces

For the first time in the series!

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SEGA’s Road to 2020 Plans Include the “Revival of Past IPs”

Expect them to be “major” IPs.


Total War: Warhammer and Persona 5 Drove SEGA’s Games Sales in Latest Financial Report

That doesn’t even include global P5 sales.


New Sonic Mania Trailer Stars Knuckles the Echidna


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Cancelled Sonic The Hedgehog Skateboarding Game Revealed

Sonic Team was impressed with the prototype.


Report: Alien: Isolation 2 Rumors Not True

Facehugger to your dreams!


Night Trap Heading to PS4, Prepare for FMV Camp

This is really happening!

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Report: New Alien Game Might Be in the Works at Creative Assembly

Alien: Isolation 2?


Sonic Forces Gameplay Video Offers a Look at Classic Sonic

And Green Hill Zone.


Puyo Puyo Tetris Review – Better Together (PS4)

Puyo on my wayward son for there’ll be peace when you are done reading this review.

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Yakuza Director Confirms He’s Already Working on Next Title in the Series

Kiryu’s story is over, though.


Check Out Some New Sonic Mania Gameplay

Sonic dashing through the all-new Green Hill Zone Act 2.

Peter Moore video game press conferences

Peter Moore Issues a Farewell Message on His Last Day in the Video Game Industry

He will work at EA no moore.


Yakuza Kiwami Releases on August 29 in North America & Europe for PS4

It’s priced at $29.99 USD, and pre-ordering gets you a SteelBook.


Total War: Arena Could Come to Consoles Eventually

Total War on consoles?!


SEGA Wants the Sonic Franchise To “Get Back to What It Should Be”

Sonic Forces is “a different sort of Sonic than what we’ve done before.”


Valkyria Revolution Launches on June 27 for PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One

Pre-order bonus revealed.


Project Sonic 2017 Is Called Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania Delayed to Summer 2017

Watch new gameplay from both games.


Shenmue III Development Update Video Released



Sonic Mania Gameplay Video Showcases Green Hill Zone Act 2

First Hard-Boiled Heavy revealed.