3D A Possibility On VidZone

February 17, 2010Written by Sebastian Moss

3D technology is set to play a pivotal role for Sony in 2010, with the full force of the industry giant being brought to bare on pushing the technology. The PlayStation 3 will be one of the company’s most important tools for promoting 3D, with two firmware updates aiming to make the console fully compatible with the added dimension. With that in mind, PlayStation LifeStyle asked Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone Digital Media, whether their music video service would also get the 3D treatment.

In an interview with PSLS, Workman revealed:

“If the music industry and their artists were supportive of the format and VidZone’s application could support it then we would consider it in tandem with SCEE.”

Look forward to the entire interview with the CEO of VidZone later today, in the mean time, tell us in the comments below if you want to see your music videos in 3D.