Kratos Unleashes Fury With New Blades

February 22, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

God of War‘s main character Kratos is considered by many to be one of the iconic figures of the PlayStation platform. However, it isn’t just his evil looks and powerful attacks that make him such a revered character. Kratos’ weapons are also considered by many to be some of the most dynamic and flush weapons in any modern Action title.

When watching the new “Chaos Will Rise” trailer for God of War 3, more was revealed than many realized at first. A few months ago, it was stated by Santa Monica Studios that Kratos would wield a new style of weapon which would replace the original Blades of Athena. Apparently, these swords are called Blades of Exile, and they were shown during a specific part of the trailer.

As seen above, the Blades of Exile have a similar design to the original God of War‘s Blades of Chaos and Blades of Athena. There will undoubtedly be new attacks in the upcoming God of War 3, and these new serrated Blades should give Kratos the power he needs to take down even the biggest of gods.


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