PSP2 to Take E3 On the Go

The PSP2 has been in the rumor mill for a long time now, even a year or more before the announcement of the PSPgo at last year’s E3.  How about we add yet another rumor to the already massive list, this time from Shane Bettenhausen and the 4 Guys 1UP podcast.  Shane is most well known for his work in Electronic Gaming Monthly and is currently the Director of Business Development at Ignition Entertainment.

In the podcast Shane let slip about seeing PSP2 and a new Nintendo portable at this years E3 convention in June.

“I think the big story of E3 is DS 2 and PSP 2. I’m really excited to see that,” he further commented that the”DS and PSP both existed in completely different sides […] if those two put out similar products at the same time, it really evens the playing field.”

We will see just how accurate Shane is when E3 rolls around this June or before knowing Sony’s ability to keep a secret. In the mean time, what do you think of Shane’s claim of a new PSP2 at E3?