Patapon Originally Planned to March on PSN

Patapon is a PSP game combining aspects of rhythm games, Real time tactics and games featuring a god. The game puts you in control of a deity who commands an army of miniature tribal creatures by beating on talking drums. While the game has had great success on the PSP system and has spawned a sequel, it was not always meant to be played on the go.

On the latest episode of the Mobcast, former Sony PR guy Dave Karraker let slip the original plan for the game.

“Patapon Was Originally A PSN Game before it went to PSP”.

Apparently the game was built to command its armies on the PlayStation Network.  The game is fun to play on the PlayStation Portable and would be a welcome edition to the PSN Library.  What do you think, would you like to see this game release on a PS3 near you?