Kratos Continues to Impress in New Gameplay Footage

Now that God of War III is less than two-weeks away, the hype behind this epic trilogy-ending title is headed toward climax. With the recent unveiling of Cronos as well as the lack of an install and seemless loading, the hype looks well-warranted.

A gameplay video featuring footage from tons of areas in God of War III has been released on YouTube. The video is nearly nine-minutes long and show-off some of the amazing moments in the title including video-footage of a fight between Kratos and the God of the Sea himself. It is also worth mentioning that a 720p version of the video is available which really shows off how much of an improvement Santa Monica Studios have made to the product since E3 2009. This game really looks to push current-generation hardware to the next level, and it’s easy to see that many will argue that it’s the best-looking game on any console.

The official PlayStation LifeStyle review for God of War III will be posted within the next two-weeks. Until then Check out the God of War 3 Gameplay Footage below: