Sony Best Positioned to Deliver 3D TV

3D technology has taken quite a few leaps forward from the blue/red glasses days.  With the box office now regularly receiving 3D feature films many electronics enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting for this technology to reach the living room.  Major TV players are gearing up to deliver 3D to the living room this year. Given Sony’s position with content and electronics means they are well suited for this marketplace.

Sony aims to move 2.5 million 3D capable televisions this year. Which is by no means a wide adoption, but will be a good start for the very cool technology which has yet to find a place in the home. SCE has already confirmed support for the PS3 console and the games. Core gamers without a doubt will be the first in line for this.

“It will likely be ardent game players who will first buy 3D TVs as an early adopter,” said analyst Alex Oh of Hanwha Securities in Seoul. “In that sense, Sony, which is envisioning a comprehensive entertainment company, will take advantage of its game business, contents and movies, compared with Samsung and LG, which remain focused on hardware.”

During a news conference on Tuesday Sony Senior Vice President Yoshihisa Ishida iterated Sony’s commitment to this new technology.

“We at Sony will liberate 3D from the confines of movie theaters and make it something that people can enjoy at home.”

It remains to be seen how quickly people flock to 3D.  Many have recently upgraded to High Definition and may not be in the market for a new yet to be proven technology.  It will be interesting to see how quickly this permeates the marketplace.


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