BioShock 2 DLC Already on Disc

It looks as though a certain downloadable content trend is continually trucking along. The trend of “DLC Already on the Disc,” is one that many gamers do not like. But that has not stopped developers from doing it, unfortunately.

Members of the 2K Forum have uncovered something sinister in 2K Games’ DLC model. The company’s latest big hit, BioShock 2, recently received DLC on Thursday (for PSN users). The members of the forum suspected “unlocking content,” and not “downloading content.” What this means is that DLC that is available online for a price is already on the disc. When you purchase it, it becomes unlocked.

BioShock 2 Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack is in fact this “unlockable content.” The size of the DLC confirms it, at a mere 24.00KB on PC, and 103KB on PS3.

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