Kratos Kills God of War Lawsuit

The result's the same, every time.

God of War III has been out for three days now, and critics are praising it all around. Two people however were not so happy with the game’s storyline, and sued Sony in a lawsuit. A verdict has recently been reached in the case.

Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and Jennifer Dath, screenwriters by trade, alleged that they had written movie plots that God of War III used for its own story. The gavel has fallen in Sony‘s favor, with the Judge Marilyn Hall Patel’s ruling sounding somewhat like a mini-review:

“While violence is not absent from plaintiffs’ works, it lacks the thematic centrality and intensity seen in ‘God of War.'”

The plot details brought to light were deemed too basic:

“No one can own the basic idea for a story…General plot ideas are not protected by copyright law; they remain forever the common property of artistic mankind.”

So Sony can continue making epic games, and the Daths can continue on with their lives, though they should be wary of Kratos‘ wrath, which as we know is relentless.