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Jack Tretton Takes Aim at Natal

While discussing PlayStation Move and the benefits of actually having a controller in your hand on tonight’s episode of GameTrailersTV with Geoff Keighley, Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, took a stab at Microsoft’s “Natal” motion camera.

The Sony CEO believes PlayStation Move is true “next generation motion gaming”. But what does he think of Natal?

“I think it is a big idea, if you really want to get involved with playing with a camera, I suggest you go out and buy a $99 PlayStation 2 and play some of the great technology that we invented 8 years ago.”

Tretton isn’t the only person representing Sony that has taken digs at Natal as of late. Kevin Butler joined in on the fun in his latest commercial for PlayStation Move.

Both PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s “Natal are set for a Fall release.

We’ll update with the entire interview with Jack Tretton, once it becomes available.