Eat Sleep Play Drops “Sweet” Hint at AAA PS3 Title

If you are even remotely interested in the PlayStation 3, then you’ve likely been looking forward to David Jaffe‘s next game. The eccentric creator is responsible two franchises synonymous with PlayStation consoles, Twisted Metal and God of War. He has long been hard at work on the first retail PS3 game from his new studio, Eat Sleep Play. Through his blog, Jaffe has been throwing his fans curve-balls; seemingly hinting at a new Twisted Metal game, and other times scoffs at any assumptions. We have uncovered what may be a “sweet” hint from Eat Sleep Play’s Production Artist.

According to Eat Sleep Play’s Production Artist, Miles Collins, he’s hard at work as a “Concept, Texture, Storyboard artist on unannounced AAA PS3 Title”. Triple A PS3 title? No surprise there. We all know Eat Sleep Play is working on something on the PS3, and everything (well almost everything) that David Jaffe touches turns to gold.

Well the interesting part, is that Collins ends his blurb about his work for Eat Sleep Play with the exclamation “Sweet!”. While that’s definitely a common term to indicate satisfaction or excitement, the word is also commonly found in the Twisted Metal series thanks to the game’s iconic character, Sweet Tooth.

This is far short of being concrete evidence so take this with a grain of salt, or an extra sweet cube of sugar.


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