God of War meets Calling All Cars = Twisted Metal

February 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Twisted Metal has been noticeably absent from the PlayStation 3. The series that began on PS1 and has graced every PlayStation platform since, still has no official information regarding its development. Fans have been wondering if and when David Jaffe will reveal a new Twisted Metal, yet the Eat Sleep Play founder hasn’t offered any official confirmation. Recently at DICE‘s AIAS Awards ceremony Jaffe seems to be singing a different tune.


David Jaffe was among some of the award presenters during DICE’s 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Award. During his presentation someone spoke out “Twisted Metal.”  His eloquent response was “Soon, bitch – eight or nine months.” Given David’s outspoken nature it wouldn’t be prudent to call this official. Expect an update clarifying his comments, as he did with the previous Twisted Metal rumor.

Speaking with 4Guys 1Up, David reveals more tid bits about his next game, “it will feature vehicles — plus, a mention of what sounds an awful lot like a Twisted Metal control scheme.” Interestingly enough, via GamePro, Jaffe teased his next game as  “somewhere between God of War and Calling All Cars.”  So you do the math.

It’s not hard to read between the lines here. Does anyone at this point NOT think a Twisted Metal game is coming for the PlayStation 3?