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3D Programming is Right Around the Corner

3D programming has started to make the move from the big screen to the home theater. Brace yourselves, because the first wave of 3D programming is on its  way, with support from major networks in the U.K., U.S. and Japan.

The first 3D programming is slated to hit the United Kingdom’s SkyTV April 3rd, when Manchester United takes on Chelsea. In addition to that, Soccer (football) fans can expect to catch another six games presented live, in 3D, throughout the season.

Next up is the United States, where 3D programming will be making its debut with none-other than the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. ESPN 3D will be broadcasting its first 3D event, the World Cup match between South Africa and Mexico on July 11th, with the MLB Home Run Derby airing the following day.

And then, of course, we have the land of the rising sun, Japan. In addition to Japan’s first 3D network AMG, AcTVila, one of the country’s on-demand television services, will also receive a 3D makeover within the next few months, although an exact date has not been set yet.

This initial push for support is giving 3D television a huge momentum boost, especially with the PlayStation 3 supposedly receiving its 3D firmware update this July. Looks like the future is coming sooner than many have anticipated. Will you be ready!?