ESRB Reveals PS2 Shooter Coming to PlayStation 3

This past weekend, there was a rumor that a PlayStation 2 shooter would be making a comeback onto the PlayStation 3 next year. Speculation began, and many thought we were going to see the likes of Syphon Filter finally make it’s way onto the PS3. Now the ESRB seems to have spoiled all the fun.

Connected Consoles is reporting that the game in question is Delta Force: Urban Warfare. The ESRB has listed it on it’s website for the PS3 and PSP.  Upon further inspection of this story though it is very likely that this will be a PS1 download via the PS Store.  Delta Force: Urban Warfare was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002.  However it was also released for the PlayStation 1 earlier that same year.

More then likely the mysterious shooter ready to make it’s comeback on PlayStation 3 will be an exclusive first party title.