Sony Planning Bombshell Announcements For E3

March is almost over. That means just over two months until the big E3 convention in Los Angeles. According to an industry insider, Sony has some huge exclusivity deals brewing that they plan to unleash there.

It's not something from Rockstar...

An anonymous tipster who correctly revealed that GTA: Episodes From Liberty City would be released on the PS3 let this out:

“For this year E3 I’ve got just one hint. Do you remember the E3 where Sony anounced they have GTA: San Andreas as a time-exclusive deal? Expect huge bombs at this E3. I used GTA as an EXAMPLE – it does not mean Sony will anounce anything from R* !! I just meant what they announce will be as huge as the gta deal – you get it right ?…There will be a few announcements, not one. I cannot tell you anything more.”

What could these huge announcements possibly involve? Final Fantasy XIV? A project from a developer who was previously exclusive to the Xbox world? Leave your speculations in the comments below.