After Burner Climax Landing on PSN

Flight enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating Sega‘s upcoming After Burner Climax. Originally released in arcades back in 2006, Sega had decided to bring the popular title across multiple platforms, including the PS3. The arcade flying game will feature dogfights, an array of weapons, unforgiving planes all at an exhilarating speed. The game’s release date and price has been announced by Sega.

After Burner Climax releases on the PlayStation Store on April 22nd, 2010. The pricing for the game will be $9.99 (around £6, €7). This is a full fledged flying game true to its arcade roots. The game was so popular back in 2006 that it led developers Sega deciding to port the arcade version over to consoles.

To see why the game is hotly anticipated, check out the screenshots and gameplay footage of the title.