Best Buy Reveals Crazy Deals on Recent Shooters

This week’s Best Buy ad features a slew of games that appeal to the shooter in all of us. All of the games, which are relatively new, are being offered at reduced prices. Prices so great, in fact, that you would be crazy to not take advantage of these deals.

Like all Best Buy weekly deals it ends this coming Saturday to make way for the following week’s deals, so it is best to go out while you can, and grab these games:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a game worth its normal $59.99 retail price tag. With the reduced price, then there is no excuse not to pick up this fantastic shooter from EA and DICE.

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City is also listed in the flyer as being “out now for the PS3” at $39.99, however the game’s release has been delayed until April 13th.

Will you be purchasing any of these titles? Post your responses in the comments section below.