PS3 Move Subcontroller Renamed

Last month at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Scott Rohde, VP for Sony Worldwide Studios, confirmed a small counterpart of Sony’s PlayStation Move controller.  At that time, the official name of Sony’s tether-free “nunchuck” was labeled “PlayStation Move subcontroller.”  However, a recent filing with the FCC shows that Sony decided to navigate towards a catchier tune.

Per that latest filing, PS3 fans can expect to welcome the “PlayStation Move navigation controller.”  No public announcement has been made as of yet, but Sony has already updated their website with the aforementioned label, leading us to believe that this could very well be the official name of the Move’s little brother.

If so, the new name compliments the controller’s primary function: to navigate the character.  Gamers shouldn’t feel alienated by it’s functions either, as we are already quiet familiar with “navigating” in 3D – orientating and aiming with our right hand, and movement with the left.

Currently, the internal workings of the controller are still under wraps as Sony has requested for confidentiality – at least for six months from the date of approval.

Fans of motion-based game play can expect to start moving and navigating Sony’s controller tech this coming Fall.